M.A.K.E. - Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Even though my parents have moved into a new house, my sister and I still have our own rooms. It was pretty cool to decide what to do with mine and the final product was exactly what I was hoping it would be. From the beginning, my mom had a lot of her antique/vintage stuff in there so I wanted to stick with that vibe. We looked at some reclaimed wood headboards on Pinterest, my mom's uncle knew of a barn that was being torn down and, before I knew it, we were on our way to making my vision reality!

First, we had to gather all of the wood. It was definitely a task! We took as many pieces as we could find and headed back to "the shop." It took us a few trips to get everything we wanted, but after that it was pretty simple.

The above photo was my inspiration. My mom really liked the different levels and even the jagged edges. Easy enough! All we had to do was measure the width and height of the bed, decide how tall we wanted the headboard, put the boards in the order that we wanted them, screw a solid back on, and seal it.

The pile after our trips.

 Screwing the solid back on after cutting off the bottoms of the boards to make them even. 

We used Thompson Water Sealer... about 3-4 coats

Once at the house, we measured the bed frame. Then, we screwed two legs to the back of the headboard and connected it to the frame. It swayed a little so we attached some padding to the back in order to keep it from bumping the wall. That's it! It was really that easy! Here's the final product and I have to say, I love it!

The quilt is one that my grandma made and it really just changed everything about the headboard. I loved it even more. So many handmade, unique things in this room!! Cheers!

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