Operation: Create Your Own Path

I had the pleasure of being chosen as a blogger for the Military Spouse Business Association's Operation: Create Your Own Path project! I was really excited to hear from other small business owners that are in the same shoes as me and even walk away with a little more knowledge about what it takes. This is a month long project and you can check out the other businesses and bloggers on their website.

I was put in touch with Nicola Joshua, the owner of Joshua Marketing Group. According to her website, she holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Administration in Marketing. She has two little girls and is a dedicated military spouse. Read below to find out more about Nicola and her marketing company!

Lets start off a little light-hearted, have you had a chance to celebrate the launch of your company? If so, how? If you haven’t, what is the goal that you’ll be willing to celebrate?

We have not celebrated our launch but we will celebrate our one year anniversary.

How long have you been in business and what exactly do you provide to your clients?

Joshua Marketing Group has been in business for about eight months. We provide small to medium sized businesses with marketing and advertising services.

At what point in your life did you know you wanted to start your own business?

I have always wanted to start a business when my husband retired from the military.  However, the time was just right to start now.

Once you decided to do it, how long did it take you to actually get off of the ground and what steps did you have to take?

It took about three months of planning to get things off the ground.  We had to file for license, build a website, and work on our business and marketing plans.

What’s the biggest struggle that you’ve had to face? How did you overcome it? What’s the biggest reward that you’ve felt? How did it feel?

The biggest struggle would have to be the complexity of marketing.  We overcame this struggle by finding a niche in marketing that we would focus on.  Our biggest reward is being able to help small to medium sized businesses grow.

Do you think that if you weren’t a military family you would have still gone down the path of owning your own business?

I still would have started a business even if I was not a military spouse.

I know you’ve lived overseas and you’re, obviously, a military wife. With that said, have you planned out how to adapt to all of the different environments that you may live in? Have you already had to experience this?

Our marketing firm is a virtual marketing firm which allows for us to work from any country on the globe.  Our current team is international.

With two little girls, did you have to adjust your lifestyle at home once you started your business? 

Starting a business did require some changes at home especially with two little ones.

What’s your favorite part about being a business owner?

My favorite part about being a business owner is the time it allows with my family.

In three words lets hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a business owner.

Up, Down, Roller Coaster

What do you think your most successful advertising method has been for your own company? 

My most successful advertising method would be utilizing Facebook and other social media platforms.

Does your husband get involved in your company or do you have plans to integrate him into the business down the road?

My husband does help with some of the creative aspects of the business.

If you could give someone advice on “taking the plunge,” if you will, what would you say?

Don’t wait.  I know many people try to wait until the time is right and the financing is great but that normally doesn’t happen and the idea of having a business fades with time.  I would have to say start now.


Thanks Nicola! It was great chatting and I wish you all the best in the future! Cheers.


  1. Thanks Kassie this is wonderful. Looking forward to your new business. Nicola

    1. Thanks! Maybe one day I'll be the one being interviewed!!


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