Tabitha's Outer Banks Birthday Trip

The day after the wedding, the fam (minus dad) packed up the car and headed to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was also Tabitha's birthday so, although we were traveling, it was great way to kick off her birth week!

We rented a beach house and Tab invited all of her friends down to spend the week. Some stayed for the beginning portion, others for the end. It worked out great and we had a lot of fun. One of my favorite nights was going to see the wild horses in Corolla. We all rode in the back of a truck and went all over the beach! 

It was about a 2 hour trip to get to Corolla so we made a quick stop on the beach to have lunch (shrimp, scallops, grilled peaches, and green beans). It was the quickest beach trip I've ever had, but totally worth it for the food!

This was only one part of the great vacation. I'll try to sum it up in photos so I don't bore you with text. Seriously, who even reads the text?! Ha!

Power Hour and Puzzles 

We ate a lot of delicious food thanks to Kyle. This = fish tacos  

Oh, ya know, just an afternoon snack. 

Just sitting on momma's lap. 

Ruben hurt himself playing "Lifeguard" so he had to wear socks for the majority of the trip. 

On the beach near us, you could drive your trucks and park right on the water. It was pretty cool! 

Tab and Kyle being models. I love this picture!

More food. I don't even like beans and I could have devoured the entire bowl!

Tab with her friends, Gabby & Bettina  

Kyle being super strong and carrying some driftwood back to my mom... but it didn't make it all the way, thank goodness!

Shrimp boil action!

Mom and I went bike riding!

 BBQ chicken and roasted veggies

My absolute favorite thing from this trip was the bonfire on the beach with hot dogs and s'mores! 

This is just a cute photo of my little family back in Oki. Miss them tons and wish they could be here! MUAH!

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