Clabber Girl Bake Shop & Museum

One of my closest childhood friends, Amy, recently built a beautiful home in Terre Haute. I was happy to have the chance to go spend time with great friends and hang out for the weekend. The day after a night of Cards Against Humanity, Heads Up, and wine we decided to check out the Clabber Girl Bake Shop & Museum.

According to their website, Clabber Girl Baking Powder was created by Hulman & Company around 1887, but didn't take on its name until about 1923 when the formula was perfected. As you walk through the museum, you get a true feel for what it was like when the company was gaining momentum and becoming (and staying) successful. Cool fact: the museum sits next to, what is still, the Clabber Girl Baking Powder factory and the company is still privately owned!

There is also a restaurant, Clabber Girl Bake Shop, attached to the museum. I got the Indiana BBQ sandwich and it was really good. However, my favorite was definitely the tomato soup! It was outstanding. I was too busy eating to take a photo, but I would recommend checking this place out if you're in the area. It's not only full of history, it's also delish!

Oh! Don't forget to get some desserts! It's kind of a must when you're at a place famous for baking powder, right?! I had a snicker-doodle and a cheesecake cookie. Holy goodness!! They have many delicious looking treats so I doubt anything tastes bad.

Lastly, shop around! I was able to get a nice postcard (Mark and I collect them from places we visit), some awesome spices and herbs, and a little Indiana-themed gift for Mark. I was also able to walk away with a cute, old-timey looking canister that now holds a spot on a shelf in my mom's new dining room.

Overall, it was a fun and unexpected trip to a place full of history in Terre Haute, Indiana. Who would have thought?!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! It is one of my favorite places :) Come back anytime!


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