A Layover in Hawaii: Part II

The next morning, when I woke up in Hawaii, you probably would have imagined that I was super excited and ready to go explore. That would have been the case had I not been so incredibly ready to go home and see Mark and Maylee. So, instead, I woke up to a 72 hr Space-A schedule that had NOTHING for Japan. I turned into super pitiful Kassie and didn't even come close to "carpe-ing" and "diem." Ha! After some self loathing and pitiful conversations with my sister, I got my life together and embraced the opportunity.

I started my day by walking down the beach behind the cabanas to catch what sunrise that I could see. It was always a little foggy with some low laying clouds in the morning, which made for a really cool red hue on the clouds.

My trip to the Bx the night before filled my mini fridge with breakfast that day, which I was pretty proud of because it saved some money. So, I grabbed what I had and enjoyed it in the wee hours of the morning.

I enjoyed lunch at Cactus and had the best margarita that I've ever had! It was a hibiscus puree mixed with regular margarita stuff. Oh my! I've literally talked about this place a dozen times since I got back. Also, if you ever go, you have to try the "Local Squash, Big Island Goat Cheese Croquetas,"--  to die for!

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I also did some boutique shopping. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like a little retail therapy! At this point, I realized I needed to stop buying things or my suitcase was going to bust. So what did I do? I went to just ONE more shop, Mu'umu'u Heaven, and I'm so glad that I did!

It's a "family run business that uses vintage Hawaiian aloha wear to create fabulous, one of a kind, eco-conscious fashions." They also take old cups, vases, linens and they remake them into something cool (like aromatherapy candles). It was really cool to walk through the entire store... Then, I hit the mother load! In the very back corner, the owner had a small thrift shop full of her own items. Lucky for me, we apparently are the same size! I walked away with an amazing fall dress, a Tory Burch sweater dress, and a really cool necklace. Score!

I stopped by the commissary on my way back to my room. I grabbed some cheap wine, microwavable food, and went outside to enjoy the view! To my delight, they were coming and going in helicopters. It was really cool to see them coming out between the landscape in the distance and then landing. I loved the water spraying everywhere, but I'm pretty sure the guy fishing hated every minute of it.

Definitely still more to come on this trip... be on the lookout!

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