A Layover in Hawaii: Part III

This will be a nice little picture update to wrap up my "short" layover in Hawaii. There was a lot of time spent in the passenger terminal the last few (read: 13) hours, but the good news is that I made it onto a flight to mainland! But before that...

I went to Pearl Harbor. The only word that describes it is humbling.  

"Acts of heroism that day were many and not all recorded." - Alvin H. Bruene

I look forward to going back with Mark or my dad. Pearl Harbor was great. I didn't get a chance to go to the USS Arizona Memorial. From what I understand, they sell out very quickly. I didn't get up and get over there in time to get a ticket, which are free. Everything I was able to see was free, too, and it was very awesome. Again, just humbling.

I checked out the Waimea Valley Botanical Gardens and Falls. It was so beautiful and a really nice walk! I enjoyed seeing all the different types of flowers and taking in the scenery. You may recognize the waterfall if you're a Lost fan - it's where Hurley and Kate land from Ajira Flight 316.

Overall my time in Hawaii was great (mixed with some stress), but great nonetheless. I'd love to go back when it's a planned trip and have the chance to go around with someone. I think Hawaii would be much more enjoyable with company!

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  1. Nice photographs and beautiful sharing! Pearl Harbor is a lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu. I visited the Harbor through the hawaii island tours . This is the highlight of the visit to Oahu. Through the bus tour visit to the Pearl Harbor is very easy. My experience of the Harbor is great and I definitely want to be back. Well keep on sharing Kassie!


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