A Layover in Hawaii

On my way back to Okinawa, from my 2 month stay in the states, I had a layover in Hawaii. Well, I use the word "layover" lightly because I had only bought a ticket from Indiana to Hawaii and then planned to Space-A from there to Oki. If anyone has flown Space-A they know that my "plans" were quickly turned upside down! It could be worse, right? Right.

I arrived in Honolulu pretty late at night so I stayed at a hotel close to the airport, Airport Honolulu Hotel. I got a late checkout the next morning so that I could spend the morning looking for my next place to stay and find out what my "plan" was. I was able to find The Cabanas at MCBH, which is on the windward side of the island, and I was able to snag a really cheap rental!

While I was there, they were having a special for the month so the room was only $50/night (that continues through October). The rooms are really nice, too! You have a mini fridge, coffee maker, TV, and microwave. You can access the MCCS wireless internet and they are right on the beach. The only "downside" is the communal bathroom, but that's not a big deal because they keep it really clean. Everything is accessed through a key card, bathroom included, so I didn't feel unsafe at all (not to mention you're on base).

The view right behind the cabanas 

I got a little ahead of myself, before I checked into my room I drove all around the island and stopped at every scenic stop along the way! It was just so beautiful. I really couldn't get enough... not to mention it was a beautiful day!

Halona Blowhole Lookout 

Sandy Beach Park

Lanai Lookout

Rabbit Island 

Waimanalo Lookout

After many stops, I made it to the room! Whew! You'd think I'd be done, right? Well, I thought (and hoped... and prayed) that I wouldn't be in Hawaii for long. Therefore, I wanted to experience as much as possible in a little amount of time. I dropped my bags (and turned the A/C on) and got right back into the car. Next stop? The North Shore!

These were some of my favorite pictures - Turtle Beach

Oh, just going going surfing and ignoring the big ole sea turtles 

This little (not really, it's actually huge) guy had a slice on his head. The guy that was there to be sure no one touched the turtles said that they think it was probably a shark attack because that's the turtles main predator.  

After this, I was kind of hyped up about Hawaii and wanted to try some food. However, I got to "the" shrimp truck, Giovanni's, too late and I was too stubborn to try a different one. So, I started the drive home. There must have been some stars aligning or something because it just so happened to be perfect sunset time when I approached a pull-off spot. Score!

I ended my night with a trip to the Bx, some cheap wine, and McDonald's. Don't worry, there's definitely more of Hawaii in store for you! Stay tuned!

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