Never Lose a Chance

With PCS (permanent change of station) season among us, my thoughts and feelings are taking me on a very intense roller coaster ride. This is the time, as a military spouse, that I dread and look forward to the most. With new faces, new places, and new friends comes a whirlwind of goodbyes, too. This year, I will say my goodbyes with hopes that the ladies landing on this beautiful island will have a positive mind and an open heart.

Not too long ago, Mark and I were new to the island. I didn't know anyone outside of our friend's John and Alisha and, as much as we love them, I was ready to meet new friends! I joined every Facebook group that I could find and tried to attend as many events as possible! One day, I decided to meet a new group of ladies for lunch and I was really excited about it - new friends and a new restaurant is my kind of heaven!

I walked into a lunch by myself where most of the other girls knew each other from past events, which was perfectly normal considering how new I was. At first we were all making small talk, trying to get to know each other... things were going well.

These are not the girls from lunch. These are some of my great friends!!

Somewhere between "How's it feel to drive on the opposite side of the road," and "What's your name again?" we took a wrong turn.  I was quietly observing the group as a story was told about another woman and it ended with, "Well, she's an Officer's wife... and we all know how they are."

Osaka friends! It wasn't my birthday, but they got me on stage!

AWKWARD. Immediately following this statement, she remembered that I was new. Uh oh. She staggered through somewhat of an apology after finding out that I, too, was "one of those wives." Then, we parted ways and I never went back. It was a pretty big let down.

 Friends from Okumafest!

I tell you this story because I hope that you, the military spouse, welcomes PCS season (and those that come with it) with open arms. We are not in the military and, as proud as we are of our husband's accomplishments, we shouldn't see each other differently because of them.  I encourage you to be yourself, try new things, and let others into your life... the results may surprise you.

 "Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them."
-Francesco Guicciardini

If you're new or looking for some groups to get involved with try these!

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