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Mother's Day is Sunday, everyone! Have you figured out what you're going to buy Mommy Dearest or are you still racking your brain? I have good news and bad news. If you're in the states, you still have a bit of time to figure things out (the good news). However, if you're in Okinawa you might want to hurry your butt up and find something online!

1. How cute is this trendy Yoga Mat Bag by effiehandmade?! This makes a great gift for a fitness loving momma! All the Yogis will be jealous of her new gear and she'll be happy to know you support her healthy lifestyle.

2. Signing your mom up for a wine club might get your the "Best in Show" award! Lets be honest... you're probably the reason she drinks anyway! If this is something you think she'd love (or if you want to buy it for me), head over to the Forbes website to find out which club is right for her!

3. This third choice is a personal favorite. My mom and dad recently moved into a new house and they've been having a great time decorating it and filling it with personal touches. At some point, my mom got these funny soaps from Disney, I think, that were called names like "Moose Poop." While I was home, I kept hiding them in drawers and she'd get them back out. It became a pretty entertaining gag. So, some handmade "I Love Mom" soap would fit the bill for sure!

4. Stitch Fix is perfect for the mom-on-the-go! It's a subscription company that sends you 3-5 pieces of clothing every month. You pick what you want and send back what you don't. Your credit card is on file so they just charge you for what you keep. It's only $20 a month and that can go towards one of your purchases. They offer gift cards so you could get your mom started down a path of becoming a Fashionista! She'll be so pumped about it!

5. Is your mom a coffee lover? Does she still use that mug you painted for her when you were in 4th grade? Maybe you should give her a little upgrade with this Travel "Mom" Mug. It even comes with a lid. It may not be handmade by you, but it was definitely made with care and love! Adorbs!

6. Denise, the designer of the bracelet pictured, is one of my great friends. She makes some amazing jewelry and will leave you wanting to buy everything from her. I'm a long time customer, an owner of some amazing pieces, and a loyal fan! She has so many hand-stamped quotes and sayings ready for you to purchase! If you don't see what you want, I recommend emailing her for special order information!

My biggest recommendation is to buy local! I love my subscription services, but there's nothing much better than supporting small businesses! Find someone in your area that makes beautiful "somethings" and gift that to your mom this Mother's Day. She'll love that it's from where you're from and it will make her think of you often.

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