5 Summer Fun Activites I Plan to do in Okinawa

Cape Sata - photo here

(1) Visit a small Ryukyu island. {Perhaps, one of the Osumi Islands! According to the new Okinawa and Ryukyu Islands Guide, they're best visited in the summer. Sounds perfect! I'd love to see some monkeys in Yakushima or go to Iojima to see the peacocks. I should start planning...}

Photo from Annie Writes

(2) Check out Fukushuen Gardens. {This has been on my list for a while and I haven't made it yet! After seeing the above photo (and all of the others) from Annie Writes, I must go! It's looks so gorgeous. I have see it for myself and very soon!}

Photos from here

(3) Try adorable cafes like oHacorte Bakery. {I've always loved checking out a new restaurant, but this summer I'm on a mission to find my favorites! It might be the last summer we're here so I've got to make it count! Also, I want to find a really great restaurant with a balcony or good view. Something that can hold its own when compared to Cafe Do Ka Do Ka!}

Photo from here

(4) Stay the night at the new Hotel Orion. {It opens on July 26th and it's pretty expensive, but I think it's beautiful! I'd love to indulge, if only for one night, in the lavish hotel.... and I bet the beer is good!}

 Photo from here

(5) Go scuba diving with sea turtles (or just one sea turtle). {Sea turtles are so cool! I developed a pretty big obsession with elephants while my sister and I were planning our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. It stuck and now I shamelessly want to hug every elephant in the world. With that said, sea turtles are my elephants in the sea. I want to hug them all.... but I won't because I don't want to mess them up.}

What's on your "Summer-Dew" list? See what I did there? A little summer humor for ya! If any of these are on your list, too, maybe we should do them together! Comment and let me know if you're up for an adventure.

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  1. I love Fukushuen Gardens! Make sure you look up when you go into that big tower thing, the roof from the inside is beautiful! Before we left Okinawa I went snorkeling with whale sharks, I get terribly sea sick, but it was worth it, they are beautiful!


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