Cambodia & Vietnam | ... But how much did it cost and how did we do it?

**I'm not 100% sure about cost of food/souvenirs/misc so I guestimated and rounded up.**

Other than the flight (which wasn't bad), everything was extremely affordable! We had a couple mishaps from making poor restaurant decisions, but overall everything worked out. Also, there were a lot of hotel choices but we went for the options with pools. If that's not important to you, there are definitely cheaper options! The dollar is strong in both countries so we may have overpaid for bus tickets or other random things, but we chose not to negotiate over a dollar or two.

Lastly, here is the route that we took. I hope it gives you a better perspective on how we made it around! For a two week trip, only losing 28 hours on travel isn't much at all. Again, it was a wonderful trip and it worked out really nicely. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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  1. Yeah- I'm going to need a lesson on traveling when we get on the island! So far we've just been looking at the all-inclusive MWR trips, but they don't have one for everywhere we'd like to go! I feel so dumb when it comes to international travel and Vietnam is one of the places I'd like to make it to!


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