Okinawa Bloggers Lunch | July

A few months ago, I came across Katie's blog and she was showing off some awesome pictures from her recent Bloggers Lunch in San Diego. It got my gears turning and I thought, "Why don't we do this in Okinawa?!" It seemed like a great way to meet people with common interests and, most importantly, gave me an excuse to have lunch at an awesome cafe!

 I can't believe I left a slice behind. This is a very rare occurrence.

We headed to Cafe Do Ka Do Ka to enjoy some tasty food and the fantastic view! We chatted, gave suggestions for future blogging endeavors, and had a really great time. I was so happy to have such a big turn out, considering it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the beach was calling everyone's name!

So, who are these fun ladies? I'm glad you asked...

Carola, of Carolatic, is a enthusiastic vegan blogger that has a passion for political science and all things Harry Potter. She's funny and entertaining while also intelligent enough to hold her own in any debate! She's great behind a camera (and in front of one, obviously) and loves to explore, which makes her a great Oki blogger!

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Rachel, of Rachel Cooks Vegan, is also a dedicated vegan that makes it her mission to find all vegan options for those in Okinawa. She works hard to ensure that "vegan" options are actually vegan (not lost in translation) and has even been coined the "Pioneer of the Vegan Burrito" by Kentaro of the Guacamole Truck! She offers some pretty fabulous recipes that I'm excited to try and, although she's leaving the island soon, her blog is a great resource for restaurant options for those going down the vegan path!

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Laura, the writer behind Inspiration Sparks, is a military spouse that started a blog to keep family updated as they ventured to Okinawa. Through that process, her blog has turned into a beautiful juxtaposition of the pains of military life and the amazing exploring opportunities it provides. I'm envious of her photo-taking abilities and love to check out her "Pin-spiration Thursdays!"

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Kacey, of Kacey's Kitchen and Where in the World is Kacey, is my best friend and a fantastic home cook! She is a lover of all things food - cooking, shopping, learning, and anything else. Her blog is a great resource for recipes and Okinawa food information. Although it's a hobby that took a backseat after moving to Okinawa, I hope with a little encouragement, some wine coaxing, and rain (that's the only way to keep her inside) we can get Kacey back in action!

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Annie, over at Annie Writes, is a mommy-to-be that loves to read, refashion, and travel. She's got a knack for thrift store finds and has mad re-vamping skills! Annie has an ability to make you feel like you're sitting right next to her as she, personally, tells you her stories and tales. Her blog is going to be a great example of how to be a parent while still allowing yourself to be adventurous and exciting!

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Amanda, the blogger behind Audette Adventures, is a skeptic-turned-lover of all things Okinawa. As Amanda and her husband get to know their first duty station, she takes you through the adventures with her! She's got some serious baking and cake decorating skills that don't go unnoticed and a enthusiastic personality that's infectious.

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  1. Loved this! Thanks for featuring me! Had a great time with you ladies, hopefully we can get together again before I PCS!

  2. This is so amazing, Kassie! You're truly a beautiful person! Thank you for featuring us on your blog, what an honor!

    We must have another blogger's lunch very soon ;), maybe even a vegan restaurant for all of you guys to try? hahaha

    Thank you again!! xoxo

  3. Yay!! I'm so happy that you found such a great (big!) group of bloggers to get together with already! That's so exciting! It truly has changed the way I blog and and the community of bloggers that I'm involved with! :)

  4. thanks for putting together such a great little get together, kassie! you know it was a success when no one even thinks to stop to take a picture until the end--glad we got at least one!

  5. Great post and thank you so much for planning such a beautiful event!

  6. I am SO, SO, SO excited to get to meet y'all and have you in my life while we're on this beautiful island together! Some of my very best friends in San Diego were through the blogger group there and I love having one to come to here!
    On an awkward "small island life" note, I totally met Amanda the other day at the ITT office, buying tickets for some tours, and totally didn't know she was a blogger! Now I'm hoping the jet lag and heat didn't make me SUPER rude, hahaha!


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