Wonderful Wednesday

First "Okinawa Bloggers" Lunch at Cafe Do Ka Do Ka was a success!

Our great friends, John and Alisha, welcomed their little girl into the world and we love her so much!


  1. A few things:
    1) Two thumbs up for you organizing the first ever OkiBloggers Lunch! Great Job!
    2) Did you feel all fertile and stuff when you saw Mark hold the brand new baby?
    3) Your videos are great! I can already tell you guys are getting more comfortable swimming with the go pro and aiming it where you want and keeping it steady. I like the edits too! The cameos are great and I love that you let everyone know what the fish are!


    1. 1) Thanks! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad you came... now start blogging!
      2) No, I didn't feel any type of way. haha I will say that he's very good at holding tiny babies. haha!
      3) Mark and I try to give constructive criticism when we look through the footage. We're getting better and I really hope the momentum keeps up. :)


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