10,000 Eisa Parade

Something that is unique to Okinawa's culture is Eisa, a traditional dance that originates from a folk song that used to be sung many moons ago. Luckily for us, the 30th Anniversary of the 10,000 Eisa Dance Parade was the first weekend of August and we were able to go!

Mark's brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Jenn, just got on island (They're stationed here, too!!!) so we were pretty excited about taking them! The guys went ahead of us and, then, Jenn and I arrived around 2:30pm. Parking was a little tricky, but we ended up finding something really close. Jenn and I parked, walked a block, and we were in the middle of the parade. Yay!

Baby C got to enjoy a Bird's Eye View!

After watching a few performances, we grabbed a late lunch on Kokusai Street. It ended up being a pretty cool, little spot (read: it'll be on the blog later). I loved seeing all of the young people enjoying and participating in the parade. They were all so very cute!

Lastly, the guys showed us their discovery... The Mango Man. He had mango everything! Mango smoothies, mango ice cream, mango snow cones, etc. It was really fun and refreshing. After my very oishii smoothie,  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a photo with these fun individuals! I was so excited!!

Overall, it was a great day. Mark and I agreed that it was awesome to dive back into the Okinawan culture. It was way overdue. Hopefully, we'll catch a few more festivals before the "season" is over and I'll have more adorable pictures to share!
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  1. I love all of your pictures! What a fabulous festival! We wanted to go over to the Orion Festival, but Gene's schedule was wonky already and we completely missed it, except for the fireworks we got to see from here in the lodge! I'm so excited to get to go to the festivals here!!! They seem so awesome!

    1. I was at the Orion Festival last night! It was a lot of fun, but I may have had a few too many beers. lol Go to as many as you can -- it's bittersweet to realize this will be our last "festival season" before moving back to the states.


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