Crafts and Carafes Monthly Meet-Up

At the end of July, I threw my first "personally-hosted" Crafts and Carafes party! A group of fantastic ladies came together at Roguii, a fave restaurant of mine, to decorate their own tea towels. It was a mix of old and new faces, friends, and strangers.

Roguii was gracious enough to let me take over an entire room in the restaurant. I set up one table with all of the supplies for the girls to dig through and the other table was for eating/crafting! Every person was gifted a coffee mug and tea as a party favor, too!

The food was delicious, as always, and there was so much of it! Hardly anyone could finish their entire plate. It was serious business! My favorite was definitely the breaded veggies, but I've never been disappointed with Roguii's menu. The staff is friendly, too, so that always makes the experience even better!

We socialized, we crafted, may have even learned a thing or two... split stitch anyone? 
The most exciting thing about the evening, in my techy-crafty obsessed mind, was using my new Canon Selphy printer! Before everyone left, they took their photos and I was able to AirPrint it automatically with my logo. It was awesome! Overall, it was a great night and I hope to start hosting a C&C party every month! 

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