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We had a taxi pick us up at 6:30 am from Fossil Bay Lodge and he took us to the ferry port where we boarded the boat to head back to Auckland to get our campervan! It ended up being perfect timing because, as soon as the ferry docked, we were able to catch the Express Airbus back to the airport. The Airbus is the most affordable way to get back to the airport and we thought that was the easiest way to get to the campervan company, Britz, because they offer free transfer from there.

We got to the Britz dealership, stocked up on some goodies from the "leftover" shelf (highly recommended), checked out the awesome campervan, and we were on our way! The company included some maps and guides for free, which turned out to be amazing considering we only got lost once! Whoop!

The Voyager was the campervan that we chose and here's why:
  • It's diesel. With the gas prices and research we did ahead of time, diesel was more affordable! 
  • It's automatic. Neither of us can drive a stick so this was a struggle. It was hard to find a diesel/automatic combo.
  • Extra room. Even though it was just the two of us, having the extra space for luggage was clutch. Also, having the ability to stand up straight was perfection.

There was plenty of extra room for food and other goodies, too. We went to the grocery store a few times for breakfast, lunch, and snack items. The Voyager comes with all of the appliances you need to cook a complete meal. The stove is gas and the fridge runs on a battery so you can use those all of the time. All you need is electricity for the microwave and toaster!

Driving wasn't really an issue. There were moments where the road was narrow, but nothing that Mark couldn't handle. He drove the majority of the time, but I didn't have any issues the few times that I was behind the driver's seat.

The weather was frigid in the mornings, but manageable, when we didn't have heat (the majority of the time). We spent our mornings changing as fast as possible, brushing our teeth, finding a bathroom, and enjoying breakfast at whatever scenic lookout that we'd stopped at overnight.

The only time we had trouble parking was in Wellington. Otherwise, it was always really easy to find a place to park. Wellington wouldn't have been hard if we'd been willing to spend $50, but we weren't willing to do that. So, we parked in a pay-per-hour lot and dealt with the dumpster being opened and closed all night long.

We loved being able to stop and take photos whenever we felt like it. It really made the trip so relaxing and enjoyable! We could be as spontaneous as we wanted to be without having to worry about other people's schedules. It was incredible!

Clearly, I loved the campervan! Mark did, too, and we've even talked about renting one for a cross-country trip when we get back to the states. It was that amazing. Britz was a great company and was super accommodating throughout the whole trip. We had no issues with theft or anything like that, but we did meet two women who had experienced it and they had no bad words to say about how Britz handled it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!!

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