Fuu Cafe, Bise Fukugi Tree Road, Beach Rock Village, & Smoothies!

Kacey and I have been doing really good about having an “Oki Summer Fun Day” every week. It’s something that we both look forward to and gets me back into the swing of Okinawa exploring! We both have a laundry list of things that we want to do so, one at a time, we are checking things off! This trip was all about the north side of the island! First, we ventured onto Sesoko Island.
We had both heard a few things about the cafes on the island and we thought, “Why not?!” You can drive around the entire island in about .5 seconds (jk, but seriously.. it’s small). So, after driving around we decided that we’d stop at Fuu Cake for coffee. Then, we quickly realized that we were both starving. Okay, lets have an early lunch!

We had to wait a while to get our food. Honestly, we were starting to wonder if it was because we were Americans. Everyone around us was getting their food and we were the very first people into the restaurant. It was just weird. We chalked it up to being “hangry” and chose not to let it effect our time. I had pizza with pork slices on it with a very fancy mango juice and Kacey had the special, which was a delish set of veggies and rice. I couldn’t stop staring at the caramel cake that they had in the case. So, I ordered a big ole slice of it and loved every second of it! The cake was very spongey and the icing was homemade whipped cream. It definitely was worth the wait!

We wrapped up at Fuu and headed towards Bise Fukugi Tree Road. Between the directions that Kacey had and the signs, in English, above the road it was really easy to find. We parked by the water buffalo rides and bike rental place. There are red arrows pointing you in the right direction, making navigation super easy. 

The stroll through the trees was pretty awesome. It was super hot so the shade was a welcomed treat. We both felt like it represented what we thought Okinawa was going to be like when we moved here. There were a lot of traditional houses and people working in their gardens along the path. Some houses have little booths set up on the honesty system to buy shisas or sea shells. We had a fun little time walking through and snapping some photos! 

Then, the grand finale was when we ended at the beach! It was low tide and there was a cool little island that people could wade, too. We took a mental note for our next beach excursion and walked along the beach back to our car. 
I’d been dying to go to Beach Rock Village and today was the day! It is absolutely hysterical to think about how hard of a time we had finding this place. I made the off-the-wall decision to drive Mark’s car. It rides easier and is, generally speaking, nicer than my clunker. However, it’s the size of a boat! So, imagine trying to go down 2 lane roads that are only the width of a one-way road and having to reverse about 1 million times to avoid getting stuck in a game of chicken. Then, we finally find the right road and it’s still unclear where we are supposed to go. It was getting a little ridiculous at this point. Okay, game faces are on now!
After many questionable roads and turns, we think that we have arrived. Then, we see a sign that said “Keep Going!” and immediately start cracking up! Where have these signs been the whole time!?! Finally, we make it and headed straight to get something to drink. 

The village itself is set-up like a home stay. Many young people live in tents on the back of the property and work at the restaurant. Let me just say, it’s WAY too hot to be living in a tent! I told Kacey that the only excuse people have is if they are trying to find themselves and be one with nature. Ha!

They also have these cool tents that you can rent for $60/night, including breakfast and dinner. They appear to have an A/C unit and are, surprisingly, really clean! We both agreed that we would stay there for a fun, adventurous experience. However, we’d never stay in the campground part. Check out the “bathroom.” I couldn’t believe my eyes! What are those sticks actually doing? Giving you the illusion that you have any privacy??! The bathroom for the nicer tent things is separate and it’s enclosed. 

After exploring the tree house and enjoying the view, we headed up by the car to check out the goats. Kacey found a kitten that she lovingly named Frank, who followed her around so much that I was nervous about running him over when we left. We made it over to the stinky goats and they didn’t seem all that friendly. I was a bit nervous that one of us was going to get “horned,” (is that a thing?). Kacey went for it and started walking through the barn. She stopped abruptly and was all, “OMG, that goat is drinking the other goats pee!” Okay, that’s weird… 
Then, the same goat started peeing and DRINKING HIS OWN PEE!!!!! Literally, his red rocket was out and it was drinking as if it had its own, personal water fountain. I was so incredibly freaked out that I just had to walk away and considered throwing up! Kacey, who isn’t shocked by much, had the best “that’s disgusting” face, ever! As I type this, I’m still cracking up about it. We took that as our cue to leave.

I bought Kacey and I a 100 series farmer’s market book and found a smoothie place in it. I love smoothies something fierce so I really wanted to try it out! We started navigating that way and, after some map comparison, we found the tiny little shop in the middle of, what we felt like was, nowhere. We walked in holding the 100 series book and you would have thought we’d carried in gold! The lady behind the counter was so happy! She didn’t speak very much English, but we all did our best and enjoyed our time. She explained that the woman in the book was her sister and proceeded to make us a fantastic smoothie! It had an apple, fresh squeezed orange juice, lemon, spinach, and kiwi. So good!

Then, her sister came in and before she was even in the shop, the woman behind the counter was yelling that we had come in because of the book. They were both so surprised that we didn’t speak or read Japanese, but we had bought a Japanese book. How else are we supposed to find the cool stuff?! After a lot of “cooing,” laughing and hugging we took a photo together and headed home! 

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  1. So what I'm reading is that we maybe would have a blogger camping night?!?! (In the nicer tents with the nicer bathrooms, or course!) That seems like such a fun outing! I should have a pin board with just your blog posts in it!


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