North Island New Zealand: Wellington & Martinborough

We freshened up (after sleeping in the stupid parking lot) and drove the campervan to the bay and parked right by the water. We enjoyed our breakfast on a bench while watching the people in kayaks and some swimmers. Not too long after we pulled up, another van came to enjoy their breakfast, too. Trendsetters!

Once we had everything in place, we decided to head to the iSite to see what we could get into. I was still holding a grudge from our difficult night, but I wanted to leave Wellington with a good memory. So, we found a coin shop where Mark was able to get info on the NZ mint and buy some coins for my dad and himself.

Then, we took a ride on the cable car. Before we got in, we stopped at a bakery and got a sausage roll and chicken roll. Yum!! We also found the only Harley shop in the city for my mom and dad! Woohoo!

At the top of the hill, where the cable car dropped us off, we walked around the observatory and botanical gardens. It's a beautiful view from up there! We didn't really want to watch any of the space movies playing inside the observatory so we decided to head back down. 

After much discussion, we made the call to leave Wellington. We had made plans to stay one more night, but we were over it and eager to continue our trip. We decided that any progress north would be worth it so north we went!

As we headed out of Wellington, we saw the signs for the Classic NZ Wine Trail! Umm, yes. Luckily for us, it was right along the road that we were driving on anyway. It was meant to be. Ha!
Idk why he's standing like this, but I think he looks really funny.

Along the way, we found some beautiful scenic lookouts. We were really enjoying ourselves!! At this point, we decided to stop and make some lunch: salami and cheese on crackers. What else would we eat on a wine trail?!

We made it about an hour north when we found Martinborough, a beautiful little vineyard town along the wine trail. Since we had already enjoyed our salami and cheese we were in the mood for some wine!

It was late in the afternoon, but we found three wineries still offering tastings. Score! I fell in love with this town; not only for the wine but for the local atmosphere. Everyone was so nice! For example, the owner of one of the vineyards brought down different fruits from inside of her house for us to try after we tried different jams and chutneys that we'd never had before. Amazing!

We made our way to the local tavern where a nice gentlemen told us that the golf and squash club showers (and bathrooms) stayed open 24/7. Score! We spent the evening at the pub watching rugby, playing pool, enjoying the pub food, and hanging out with the locals. It was delightful.

When we got to the squash club, there was a birthday party going on so the place was packed. We decided that sneaking into the locker rooms and taking showers wouldn't be a big deal. However, the only bathroom was in said locker room. Ha! No one talked to me while I was in the shower, but some guy talked to Mark. I think he thought that someone was doing the nasty in the shower. It was hilarious! We scurried out of there and made it out without having to interact with anyone (unless you count me awkwardly walking past the ladies gossiping after I finished drying my hair).
The next morning, we woke up to a man practicing on the driving range. We used the bathrooms and headed back into town for coffee and hot chocolate..... and more meat pies! I still dream about Martinborough...


  1. Hi Kassie! I found your blog through Laura at inspiration sparks when she posted about the awesome show about Okinawa. I've been on island since last dec. and my husband and I are planning a trip to New Zealand over the holidays this year! I can't wait to read more about your travels, everything looks beautiful!

    1. If you have any questions please let me know! I haven't forgotten about you (although I have lost my mind a bit) and plan to call you this week!!! I hope you made it through the typhoon happy and healthy!


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