A Visit from Home

Back in September, my family came to visit. I went home for 2 weeks and, then, they came back to Japan with me. My mom, sister, great aunt, and great uncle all flew halfway around the world to experience Okinawa and we had lots of fun!

The day after we landed, they were all troopers and joined me at the NIOSC Welcome Coffee. Although Uncle Mike complained about being the only guy there, I think everyone enjoyed themselves (even him!! haha)! We had good food, a great speaker, and they got to see our group welcome everyone back into the "club season."

We hit some major highlights: The Botanical Gardens, Peace Memorial Park, sushi-go-round, Ryukyu Glass Craft, Orion Beer Factory,  and pedis at Cocok's... just to name a few... and took some scenic routes along the way.

I was sure to take them to a few of my favorite cafes, too. My Aunt Connie was even able to enjoy her favorite beverage, a margarita! We also stopped into Burger King to try the new black burger, the "Diamond Kuro," on opening day. It was pretty epic considering we were some of the first people to Instagram a photo eating it. Small victories!

My favorite part of the trip was our time spent at Okuma. We stayed for two nights and had a really nice, relaxing time at the Turtle's Nest. The first day, my sister and I got to enjoy an entire afternoon in the ocean with our mom. She's not a "water person," so laughing and drinking while the waves splashed us in the face was pretty memorable.

Having dinner with my closest friends was also pretty awesome! We enjoyed an amazing multi-course meal at an exclusive restaurant that my friend's dad owns. It was an experience that I couldn't have imagined any better. The meal was great and the company was even better!

When it was all said and done, everyone was tired and happy all at the same time. We did some last minute shopping and stopped to have some oishii pizza with a view, at Cafe Do Ka Do Ka! I'm so happy my mom and sister came to visit again and I'm, especially, happy that my great aunt and uncle stepped out of their comfort zones and experienced my little slice of paradise.

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