North Island New Zealand: Our last day - Te Puke & Auckland

We were back on the road with our final destination, Auckland, on the agenda. Our trip was coming to an end and we were so sad! We could have just driven straight there, but to keep up with our trip history, we headed on a new route - north on 2.

We stopped in Te Puke, the "Kiwi Fruit Capital of the World." We wanted to stop at Kiwi 360 because we’d seen it on the Amazing Race. It’s basically a kiwi farm where they have different stuff made from the fruit and a gigantic kiwi that you can climb into. We took funny jumping pictures in front of it, bought more gifts, and were back on the road within the hour.

We made it to Auckland just in time to turn in the campervan. We were getting a hotel for the night and decided we’d pay a little more for some “nice” amenities. The lady at Britz was very helpful and booked a room at a place with a pool and a restaurant. Can’t go wrong with that, right?! Wrong!

Our room was such an incredible letdown! The bedding looked like a mattress cover, there were cracks in the wall, and the toilet was worse than some we’d used in the woods. To add to the craziness, the restaurant was overpriced and outdated, which wasn't shocking. We ended up walking to the pub around the block, which turned out to be the best decision we’d made all day. It was delicious! Thank goodness.

There was a guy singing terribly and dedicating each song to someone different to include, “the only guy clapping for me.” Haha! I ordered a chocolate brownie with ice cream and asked that they add a candle or something for Mark’s birthday. Instead, they had the guy sing to him. To make things even better, he couldn’t pronounce Mark's name... and he had the hiccups. It was so hilarious!!

We walked back to the awful, unfriendly hotel (that charged $30 for good WIFI) and repacked our bags. We had to be on the 6:00 AM shuttle (that we had to pay for, on top of everything else), so it was an early night.
Luckily, our bags weren’t over weight and we made it through security with no issues. We had one last meat pie, too! New Zealand was as incredible as we had anticipated and I was so sad to leave, but so happy to see our pup... who was pooped from a few weeks spent with friends!!
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