N's Garden

When my family visited for the first time, only a few months after we arrived on island, my sister and I drove around exploring. One of the beautiful outcomes was discovering N's Garden! It's an interested, secluded restaurant that has the best croissants ever!

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We saw red, blue, and yellow striped signs along the road and decided to follow them! After taking some turns we went down small, country roads and eventually saw a few signs in Japanese. We trusted it and followed them. At the end, we saw a larger sign right before the driveway of N's Garden. We made it!

Google Street View Image

When you walk into the restaurant, the wood floors and piano make you feel like you're at a rather fancy restaurant. Then, you see the full wall of glass windows and doors that overlook their garden and it definitely feels welcoming. You can sit indoors or there is a very nice patio that provides a lot of shade and, on the perfect day, the breeze is delightful!

You can stroll through the garden while you're waiting for your meal and enjoy the flowers. I have to admit, when I took the photos not much was blooming. However, I've seen it flourishing and looking amazing!

The food is always good. They offer curry, a nice lunch set that covers all of the bases from seafood to spaghetti, and other sets. I can't even deny it... I really go for the croissants! They are served warm and are flaky perfection. I always order a regular one with my meal and some chocolate ones to enjoy at home... or on the way home depending on how tempting the smell is!

Business card from N's Garden's website

There is an English speaking person that can help you make a reservation if you call or just try walking in. Either way, be sure to check this cafe out and bring me some croissants or enjoy keep them all for yourself. Also, don't forget to get your stamp card - I know you'll be back!

Directions: *If you have an iPhone you can enter their phone number into the Maps App with the dashes and it will generate* From Exit 5 of the Expressway, keep straight on 36. You'll pass a street "cart" on the right and a building on the left with a curved blue metal roof on the left (and a lot of port-a-potties). Just past the next crosswalk, you'll turn right and see your first N's Garden sign like the one I posted above. Drive about 160M and you'll make another right turn (there's another sign). Wind down a hill and make a left turn at the next sign. This sign is smaller and is in the shape of an arrow. Follow this road for about 82M and make a left where you'll see the Japanese sign that I posted above. Lastly, turn right at the N's Garden billboard and follow the driveway up to the parking lot!

11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. daily.  Closed on Tuesdays.
Yen Only

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