Ojima Island & Sēfa-utaki

"Oki Fun Days" are back in action and I couldn't be happier! Thursday, Kacey and I decided to pick up where we left off on our list of must-dos and head to Ojima Island in search of the drying squid. Obviously, we were successful and I was super pumped about it! 

I first heard about this cool photo-perfect opportunity while watching Okinawa: A Journey of Discovery and I immediately told Kacey that we had to find it! There isn't very much information about it online, but I did see that October was the best time to see all of the barbed wires full. So, we both were a bit nervous that we missed our opportunity. However, we were in luck! There may not have been a ton of squid to see, but we were both extremely excited to see any!

Our favorite part was seeing the two older women cleaning all of the squid by hand right along the shore. They were so friendly and happy to let us take photos. It was such a simple process, but so cool!

We did some other exploring on the tiny island, too. I really loved all of the finishing nets. There were rows and rows of them - all chaotically organized, if that makes sense. Lastly, the two of us are known for driving down the smallest roads possible and, this time around, it paid off. We found a pretty rocky shore worth checking out!

Next, we went to Sēfa-utaki, a spot that is considered one of the most sacred spots on island and a World Heritage site. When we got there we saw a ton of tourists with luggage. So, we were really worried that the site would be gimmicky, but we were happy to see that it wasn't.

The structure of the stone was amazing, but what mesmerized me was the roots growing through all of it. It reminded me of Angkor and what really left an impression on me while I was there.

After Sēfa-utaki, we stopped in for smoothies at the Nanjo City visitor center. While we were enjoying them, we saw this tiny little island that had people on it! It was literally just a sand mound and there were boats ushering people back and forth. Um, can we get in on that?! We drove down to get some information (the people were snorkeling out there) and plan to go back to check it out for ourselves! 

On the way home, I finally got to snap some photos of the bulls lounging along the street! I was very happy to finally get a photo on my camera and it was a nice little cherry on top of a great day.

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