Gala Aoi Umi and Sun Marina Beach

Oki Fun Days are still a priority in 2015 and we picked up right where we left off by visiting the Gala Salt Factory in Yomitan and Sun Marina Beach in Onna. I would even say that the days are more of a priority considering two of the three of us in the above photo will be leaving the island this year! We've got to start checking those "Oki Bucket List" items off... and quick! 

All three of us wanted to make our own salt so we were all pretty excited when we got to Gala, despite the fact that we were just evaporating water. The instructor (<< term used very loosely) let us hold the regular ocean water and the ocean water that was 7 times more concentrated (spoiler: it was heavier). He explained that we were evaporating water that was also 7 times more concentrated. Ohhh! Ahhh!

Peep my face mask! I've gained true appreciation for wearing them when you're sick to avoid getting others sick.

We stirred and stirred... and stirred... until the last drop of water was gone. Then, the instructor carried our little black pots over to a picnic table where we were told to scrape the sides to get all of the salt. 

Once that step was complete, we put all of the salt into our hand-picked jars that come included in the price. Then, we picked paper and string to compliment our jars and we were done! It was a quick, but fun project. We all had a surprisingly good time and agreed that we were happy to have done it.

It was a cold, gloomy day but Kacey and Vickie are troopers and agreed to go to Sun Marina Beach to check it out. I'd somehow come across it on Google Earth and it looked really interesting; like a bunch of tiny islands attached by bridges right off the coast. Turns out, that's exactly what it is!

We walked all the way down the bridges and back... all while we froze our butts off! This is where I'll remind you that "freezing" was nearly 60 degrees. However, I live on a sub-tropical island and shamelessly feel cold when it's anything less than 65 degrees. Ha! 

I think this would be a really cool, unique spot for family photos. You'd definitely have to go on a beautiful day when it wasn't very windy but it's doable! We all agreed that, although there were no bells and whistles, it was something cool to see that we may have never gone to otherwise.

We wrapped up the day by watching some planes land and do Air Force things. I've never watched planes land so close before and may have been overly excited compared to my Air Force-wife-friends, but they humored me! 

It was another great day in Oki with really awesome people! Yay!

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