28 Random Acts of Kindness on my 28th Birthday

On Thursday, Kacey and I went around Okinawa to do 28 random acts of kindness for my 28th birthday! With help from Kacey, my parents were even able to have little gifts and surprises for me along the way. I have great people surrounding me and spending one day giving back was so much fun and perfect!

Without further adieu, here's how the day went...

1. Gave cookies to the woodshop employee at Makeman that helps me all of the time
2. Gave cookies to a cashier at Makeman and thanked her for all of her hard work
3. Gave a dog a treat (freaked out the man walking the dog)

4. Gave cupcakes to a gate guard
5. Gave a thank you note, written in Japanese, to the florist who made the biggest bouquet ever (Thanks mom and dad!)
6. Delivered cookies and snacks to Kacey's neighbor, who is in school and prego - the perfect combination to appreciate cookies!

7. Took our friend, Vickie, medicine and birthday glasses because she got sick and couldn't come with us -- we missed you!!
8. Paid for someone's lunch at a restaurant we stopped at to enjoy an adult beverage
9. Bought a super cute Oki tee from T-Shirt Ya! & gave them cookies (They posted it on their blog!)

10. Left money on a vending machine
11. Took hilarious photos in a Purikura, a Japanese photobooth, and left money behind for the next group

 I opened my Valentine's toe socks from my mom and dad while we waited to get through the gate

12. Delivered flowers to a new mom in the maternity ward. We got to meet the mom and new baby, Erica, who was born earlier that morning! When I realized that she and I shared the same birthday I was so excited. I hadn't considered actually meeting the recipient of the flowers!

13. Left a "get well" note & money on a box of Dayquil
14. Taped a Snickers bar to a box of tampons with a note that read, "This too shall pass. Have some Chocolate."
15. Put 1000 yen and a note for a mom telling her to take a moment for her and enjoy some coffee on us
16. Left a feel good note on a mom's car (and struggled with the sun blinding me for the photo)

17. Paid for someone's meal through the drive-thru window at Popeye's - It was really funny trying to explain to the Japanese employee that we wanted to pay for the guy's meal who was inside. Eventually, the manager of the restaurant shouted, "DEBIT or CREDIT," from where he was standing and all was well. 
18. Taped cookies to a Marine's car (after waiting for him to go into the convenience store - we're super sneaky!)
19. Loaned a roller slide to a grandma that was visiting from the states so that she could go down the roller slide with her grandkids
20. Gave a box of Popeye's chicken to a Japanese construction worker

21. Taught some kids how to shoot a basketball
22. Gave cookies to a frustrated guy who was stuck in traffic (we were just as frustrated)

23. Gave dog treats to a cute puppy on a walk
24. Handed out more cupcakes to gate guards

25. Gave a class of obedient dogs-in-training treats
26. Passed on snacks to the traffic director at Don Quijote, but he wouldn't let us take his photo so we took a photo of me instead
27. Stopped to visit a dog that I see nearly every day. His name is Hatch (pronounced hot-ch) and he loves treats.

28. Delivered a cool candy airplane to my neighbor's son. We don't speak the same language, but they wave to Maylee and I every time we're outside. I adore them & I don't even know their names! When I brought the candy over she was apologetic for not having a gift for me, but before I left she gave me a bag of frozen pork sausages. Ha! Happy Birthday to me!!

There you have it, folks! 28 random acts of kindness and whole-lot-o-fun! The video is a total bonus because it's a true depiction of how great of a time we were having! Yay!

PS - How weird is it that this is my 228th post on my blog?!
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