5 Things on my Okinawa Bucket List

1. Whale Watching. >> I've tried for the past two years to go, but the weather has gotten in the way. Fortunately, I'm going on a NIOSC field trip next week and I'll get to check this off. (cross your fingers that the weather cooperates!)

2. Travel to Ishigaki. >> Mark and I are planning a trip here in May, perhaps our last trip before leaving Okinawa. I want to stay at this dreamy cabin when we go!

3. Scuba dive with a sea turtle. >> This is STILL on my list and now Mark has 1-uped me. He saw one on a dive a few months ago and I'm dying to see one! Hopefully, in Ishigaki or somewhere in the middle I'll get my chance.

4. Visit Shuri Ryusen. >> I want to get my craft on and learn to do a little coral dying! What I need to do is make a reservation and get to it! Maybe I can talk Kacey into coming along with me for an Oki Fun Day!

5. Take a trip to Ogimi Village. >> This village has the most longevity index in the world with a great percent quantity over 100 years old (wiki). They have an entire website dedicated to Ogimi and I want to check it out for myself! Another Oki Fun Day in the works, I'm sure.

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