PCS Season: Smooth Move

Mark and I had our "Smooth Move" class earlier this week. I prepared by writing down some specific questions that we had and I'm really happy that I did. Had I not, I'm not sure we would have gotten any information for us, specifically. The class wasn't very helpful, a lot of "call this person if you have questions about this... contact that person for info about that..."

We did find out a few important bits of information. For example, we can be put on the waiting list for an AMC flight before the flight is even released. That's important because there are only 10 pet spots and we really want to get Maylee one of those spots. Otherwise, I'll probably have to fly commercial with her and we'll pay a lot more out of pocket. No bueno! We're hoping that we have a leg up on the competition since we have our orders so far in advance.

Mark had to get all of the right approvals to extend his leave because we've decided to spend the max amount of time he's allowed to visit friends and family. Now that that's happened, he has to fill out a Transfer Data Sheet to get us on the waiting list for the flight. According to Mark, whoever named it a "sheet" should be ashamed... it is not a sheet, it's a 16 page "thesis."

Finding all of this out is pretty important because Mark is gearing up for "busy season" in the office and will have very little time over the next month to help with anything moving related. With that said, he's given me power of attorney to steal all of the money and disappear allow me continue forward with the process without any hiccups.

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