What I'm doing about PCS Season

At my birthday party, Mark gave me a card and inside were our new orders. We're moving! We have a tentative date and it's happening this summer. Craziness! So, what am I doing right now? Well, I'm dying a slow death of uncertainty stopping to smell the roses (or lilies in this case) and taking what steps I can towards a seamless move.

(1) I made this PCS (permanent change of station) binder with checklists, forms, and important documents. We have our "Smooth Move" class next week and I'm hoping this binder will be much more helpful after that. I made one for the move here and it definitely came in handy! Lets hope I can say the same for this one.

(2) I started this challenge of purging stuff from all areas of our house over the next 40 days. One the first day, I bagged one entire trash bag full of stuff to sell and a 1/2 bag of things to toss... and that was only a PORTION of my closet. It felt really good and made me confident that I could tackle our, much too big, home before we have to pack out. 

(3) I'm still on my quest to explore as much of the island as humanly possible. Mark has, recently, joined in on the "we can't waste any time" mentality. Most recently, we went to Urasoe Dai Park in search of the roller slides (rumor has it that they're the best ones on island). We took Maylee and, after walking around for a long time, didn't find the slides but really enjoyed the beautiful Oki day! 

So, for now, that's what I'm doing about PCS season. We're in a whirlwind of questions with no answers at the moment, but we'll have them soon enough. Until then, you can find me sipping wine and looking into our next adventure.

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