Manami Cafe Live Tour 2015 at Kramp Coffee Shop

Over the weekend, we went to check out our friends, Manami and Mochi, perform at a local coffee shop. The two of them collaborated for "Manami Cafe Live Tour" this weekend and it was great! All of us really enjoyed the evening and the environment.

Kramp Coffee Shop is a super cute shop that made for the perfect venue for Manami's performance. They have a methodical approach to every cup of coffee that they prepare. It's both fascinating and impressive! While waiting for the show to start, we all just watched him brew everyone's coffee.

With a show for only 30 people, it was a small and intimate experience. We nearly all had "front row" seating and, even though Manami spoke in Japanese the majority of the time, you could feel how much everyone responded to her charm. Seeing our two friends doing what they love was truly amazing!

I really enjoyed the night! If you have the chance to check out a performance by Manami or grab a cup of coffee from Kramp, I highly recommend both.


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