PCS Season: Transfer Data Sheet

The last two weeks, for us, have been saturated with this Transfer Data Sheet. Mark has been super busy at work, making it difficult for anything to get done outside of working, sleeping, and eating... maybe a little bit of House of Cards, too. Thankfully, the form is done! It's approved!

What Mark and I will look like at the end of this process.

The Transfer Data Sheet comes from the sponsor's S-1. I, literally, have no idea what that means. That's military talk and I can't tell you anything else because it's all way over my head. I'm not sure if they'll give the form to you (or the sponsor) before web orders are in hand, but it would give you an advantage if they will.

It really shouldn't take two weeks to get it completed. Everyone has different circumstances, but I think that it could easily be done in 1 or 2 days if the right people are available.

Also, the form can be emailed to the legal officer once it's signed off on within the sponsor's office. We were under the impression that it needed to be hand delivered, but found out later that it could be scanned/emailed. This saved us a trip to Camp Hansen, thank goodness.

Basically, the legal officer has to sign off saying that the sponsor doesn't have any holds that would stop them from leaving the island. Once that happens, it can be turned into IPAC.

There's always a wrench that gets thrown into the plans when discussing military-anything, right?! As of today, Mark is unable to put any effort into PCS stuff due to his work schedule. That means that I'm conducting this train for the coming weeks!

Hopefully, on Monday, I'll be able to submit the TDS to IPAC and have us put on the waiting list for the AMC flight. << Look at all of those acronyms! Maybe I'm getting into the groove of this military life, after all!

Transfer Data Sheet, the form that allows us to get the ball rolling towards moving back to the states.

Installation Personnel Administration Center, the office that handles a lot of the travel process and, most of the time, can point us in the right direction if they can't help.

AMC flight
Air Mobility Command flight (also known as "The Rotator" or "The Patriot Express"), the military flight that we'd like to get on with Maylee. It's what we took to get to Okinawa and it's the cheapest way to get her to the states.

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