Shuri Ryusen & Ball Donut Park

Remember that Oki bucket list I mentioned not too long ago? Well, this week I knocked out one of them with my friends Kacey and Laura! We kicked off the morning at one of my favorite spots, CC's Chicken and Waffles, and headed to Shuri Ryusen in Naha to do some coral dying!

Kacey and I have been trying to get Laura to come on an adventure with us for AGES! Luckily, today, she put her grocery list aside to come play! We were all pretty excited about checking out Shuri Ryusen, but I have to tell you... this was on my ORIGINAL Oki Bucket List. I'm talking about the list that I made while sitting stateside thinking, "Ohemgee, we're moving to Japan." So, you can imagine my excitement!

I made the reservation, which is required, the morning that we went. It's very relaxed, but they do need to know that you're coming. It's so relaxed, in fact, that we arrived an hour early for our appointment and were escorted straight to the workshop to get started. Before we knew it, we'd spent 2 hours working away on our scarves and having a ton of fun!

While we were creating our masterpieces, we talked about how great of an outing this would be for people visiting Okinawa. We also talked about trying our hand at it at home and my gears are turning to figure out where I can get all of the supplies! As we were leaving, the receptionist handed us a sheet of their special offers for the coming months - Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Grandparent's Day to name a few.

Next up was Ball Donut Park, a donut hole shop that I found on Facebook a few months ago. I haven't been able to stop talking about it ever since! When we found it, about a block from Kokusai Street, we realized we've nearly walked past it on a few different occasions.

Holy deliciousness! I have a major sweet tooth and seeing these little donuts come straight from the fryer + all of the sweet toppings had my mouth watering. Not to mention the addition of ice cream! Ice cream! Needless to say, I really enjoyed our time spent here. Haha!

It was definitely a fun afternoon spent with friends and I'm super excited to check off another activity from my must-do-before-PCSing list and one of my must-try restaurants! We had a great time talking about blogging, photography, and how we looked like we were part of some official team because we all had Army green on and DSLR cameras.

An unexpected bonus was getting to park in one of these cool parking garages. I'm sure there are some in the states, but I've never used one! That green circle on the ground rotates so that you don't have to actually turn your car around after you back out. Sah-weet!

When the day was all said and done, I think we may have convinced Laura that she can't miss anymore Oki Fun Days!! Woohoo!

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