Bloggers of Okinawa Dinner at Jiji Cafe

Recently, I joined some of the lovely Bloggers of Okinawa! We met for dinner at a cute, little cafe near the new Aeon mall by Camp Foster. It was great to get together, brainstorm, and get to know each other in real life (instead of the virtual world).

Jiji's is not only adorable but they've got delicious eats, too! I've gone for lunch and dinner in the past and I've never been disappointed. Most of the ladies that joined me had never been, which was awesome. I love showing people new things!

The cafe has a nice range of food options and they accommodate to those with food allergies - just let them know when you order. I also really love all of the handmade goods that they sell. It's one of my favorite things about a lot of Oki cafes, actually. Seeing all different types of creative products and knowing that the local community is so supportive of one another makes me very happy!

I really, really enjoyed my time spent with everyone! A lot of the bloggers from our last meet-up have PCSed so we saw many new faces this time... and, of course, I would meet some great people right before we leave the island.

Not to worry, I'm optimistic that this won't be the last time we get together between now and our leave date. In fact, I think it's a must!

Now, let me get you up to speed...

Erin, the creator behind Makeshift Gypsies, is a great person and mom with tons creative ideas. We've only just met, but I can tell by reading her posts that she's so in love with her life. Her perspectives are both entertaining and refreshing!

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Mickelle, from I'm Having Fun Now, is a new mom that loves to travel and explore! She takes great photos and has an adorable little sidekick, and a cute pup to boot. She motivates me to explore and makes me jealous with her ability to rock the T-Swift red lip at all times!

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Elizabeth, or The Young Retiree, is a witty lifestyle blogger that gives you the good, bad, and the ugly. She's dedicated to her readers and spends a lot of time sharing things about her life that, I'm sure, help others around her. We share talent in the art of sarcasm and she cracks me up with her anecdotes about her day-to-day life.

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Mindy, over at Walking Through Wonderland, is a backpacker-turned-MILSO with an awesome sense of humor and a positive outlook on just about everything. Her hilarious stories leave me in stitches and her curious and creative nature brings me back to her blog day after day.

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Returning Oki Bloggers:

To read more about the returning ladies click here.

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