Friendtrip: Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome & BFF Photos

We took the overnight bus to Fukuoka and, although it hasn't treated me badly in the past, it did not go over well. I was getting sick and I was tired. Those two things led to a nap (at 7am), as suggested by Vickie, when we got to our AirBnB apartment and I was really grateful for that.

When we got up, we headed to our first stop: Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome. Kacey and I had a little surprise for Vickie, which we were both pretty excited about! You see, Vickie loves Paul McCartney and during my trip research I found out that the Dome has cast the hands of all the famous people that have played there. You see where this is going...

She was so surprised and REALLY happy! It was fun to see such a small gesture go so far with a friend.

 Kacey getting inappropriate with Michael Jackson's hand.

It was a really cool attraction to check out. We all enjoyed seeing what names we recognized or what art the person had added to the signature portion of their hand. For free, it was totally worth it!

We all had been "joking" about taking BFF photos for a while and, with the afternoon with no real plans, we decided that it was the perfect time! I looked up some photos on Pinterest and we all brainstormed what would be funny... or silly... or dumb, yet fantastic!

We were hoping that the park would have more cherry blossoms, but I think we were about 1-2 weeks too early. However, it was a beautiful day and we cracked up while taking all of these pictures. I call that a success!

Yes, that is a bunny on a leash. What you can't see is that the bunny is in a denim chest harness that looked like a tiny bunny vest. It was perfection and I couldn't help but take a photo!!

We did a little more exploring and checked out the ACROS building. It looks super cool on the internet, but it was a total let down. I found the building with the metal sides more interesting, hence the photos.

To wrap up the day, we headed to Canal City for some dinner and shopping. I was thinking that, since we were along a canal, that it was going to be more of a relaxed vibe with cafes along the water. Instead, there's a smaller canal (unnatural, for lack of a better word) that runs through the mall and it's regular shopping and what-not.

I have to say, after my grumpiness from the overnight bus wore off, I really enjoyed the day. We didn't have much on the agenda and still managed to see a lot! This trip was shaping up to be pretty great.

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