"Friendtrip" - Miyajima

Miyajima, or Itsukushima if you want to get technical, was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I had been looking forward to seeing the "floating" torii for ages and was super excited to get there! Some may say that I was obsessing over low and high tide... *cough*cough* Kacey. Maybe I was, but who can blame me when this view was at stake!

Besides the Shinto Shrine, Miyajima offers a few other things to do: try their fresh oysters, visit some temples, enjoy a walk around the island, and take fun pictures of the wild deer. We were warned that the deer would eat pretty much anything we allowed them to, but we were sure to steer clear of them when we had food and escaped without issue.

The weather was beautiful and we were so happy to take our time to enjoy our surroundings. Unfortunately, the workshops that we wanted to go into were closed the day that we were there. With that said, be sure to check the schedule if that's at the top of your list for visiting the island!

Checking out Daishoin Temple was, by far, my favorite part of Miyajima. That might sound crazy, considering that the floating torii is what it's best known for... but look at those adorable little Buddhas! They have knitted beanies on!! I mean, c'mon, how could you not love them?

I took so many pictures of these guys and could have taken more. They are, seriously, the cutest. The "Little Beanie Buddhas," as I like to call them, are the best. Okay, I'm done gushing... for now.

Ha! How could I resist an opportunity to show an even tinier Buddha with a tinier knitted cap?!

It was a great afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent here. If you go to Hiroshima this is a must! Base your trip on the tide so that you can see the Shinto Shrine in all of its glory and be sure to get some ice cream because who doesn't love ice cream while walking around a beautiful island?!

How to get to Miyajima.

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