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Life lately has been packed full of moving prep, the NIOSC Semper Fi Fund Charity Event, and trying to hang out with friends that are leaving soon. I haven't really had a chance to think about the amount of us that are leaving and how much I'm going to miss them. That changed after having a fantastic time with a group of fun women over the past few days!

I missed my normal Friday post because I got really caught up in the 2-day multifamily garage sale that I hosted! It was a huge success and it was so great to meet some of my neighbors... better late than never?! It was fun and, as I gear up for the on base flea market in the morning, I'm super grateful that a lot of our stuff is gone already!

I also got to hang out with Mindy from Walking Through Wonderland, which was great! Based on the picture, it appears that she loves the puppies the most.... but we got along well, too. 

On the last day of the sale, one neighbor brought me flowers from her garden as a "thank you" for... I don't really know, but I guess because I had a garage sale?? Regardless of her reason, it was amazing and the flowers are gorgeous!

The NIOSC charity event is only 6 days away and we're all ready to see our hard work come to fruition! If you haven't signed up for the tournament or bought dinner tickets get in touch with me ASAP. There's still time, but you need to act fast! If you'd like to donate, you can visit this link and do so via PayPal.

Last but certainly not least, we're going to squeeze another trip in before we leave Okinawa! We're going to Vietnam!! I'm so very excited! As you might recall, I went to Cambodia and Vietnam with my sister and loved every minute of our trip. I'm thrilled to go back with Mark and, since we're going to a different part of the country, it'll all be new to me!

So, there you have it. Life lately has been good, fulfilling, and full to the brim. It wouldn't be fun if it wasn't a little crazy, right?!

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