Friendtrip: A Short Walk & Nanzoin Temple

Our last day in Fukuoka was nice! We took a walk through, what we thought was, a produce market. Once we got there we decided that it was more like a wholesale market. It was in a cute area and a beautiful day so it all worked out. Afterwards, we headed to Nanzoin Temple to see the world's largest bronze statue!

I loved all the little murals throughout the neighborhood! We had fun picking out our favorites and laughing at some of the interesting characters (like the corn with a trumpet nose).

We took the train to Yoshizuka Station to get to the reclining Buddha. It's pretty far into the countryside and it's beautiful! I enjoyed the train ride and the different scenery. The Buddha itself is so, so big. Pretty cool!

It weighs the same amount as a jumbo jet! It isn't confirmed that it's the biggest bronze statue, but there's an article saying that they haven't found one any bigger... and I believe everything I read on the Internet. Haha! Just kidding...

The rest of Nanzion Temple has some walkways within the woods, a Fudo Myo-o statue, and over 500 other statues. It's definitely worth checking out the entire Temple!

After taking some more fun friend pictures we decided to head back. There are a few small shops between the Temple and the train station so we stopped to check them out. I collect postcards from all of the places that we go so I snatched some up and we were on our way!

Our Friendtrip had come to an end and we were all bummed about it, but also really grateful that we were able to make it happen! It was a great "last hurrah" for the three of us since Vickie was heading back to the states in a week or so. Cheers to great friends and great memories!

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