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I have three amazing ladies that have joined me to offer the Oki Fun Day Giveaway (live right now here at Mr. & Mrs. O)! They are all Okinawa-based bloggers who love to explore as much as I do and enjoy the beauty of our little island. Laura, Hannah, and Mindy are all my "online friends" turned "real friends" who share a lot of common interests! Check out their stories below and join in on the fun.

Laura, the writer behind Inspiration Sparks, is a military spouse that started a blog to keep family updated as her and her husband ventured to Okinawa. Through that process, her blog has turned into a beautiful juxtaposition of the pains of military life and the amazing exploring opportunities it provides. I'm envious of her photo-taking abilities and am so excited to keep up with her "#thingsiloveaboutjapan" posts!

Hannah, the voice of Fun Flying Four and mom of 2, met her husband when the stars aligned (more than once), starting their over-the-top adventure. She takes beautiful lifestyle photos and has already passed that skill on to her oldest daughter! I enjoy reading about the trips she takes, her perspective on raising kids, and I can't get over her youngest daughter's individuality and style.

Mindy, over at Walking Through Wonderland, is a SEA backpacker-turned-MILSO with an awesome sense of humor and a positive outlook on just about everything. Her hilarious stories leave me in stitches and her curious and creative nature brings me back to her blog day after day.

Thank you, friends, for getting involved with the Oki Fun Day Giveaway! It's pretty exciting to have super cool people surrounding and supporting you!

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