Oki Fun Day Giveaway!

I often mention how my bestie, Kacey, and I always go on adventures that we have dubbed, "Oki Fun Days." It started when we first met and has become a weekly ritual to ensure that we are exploring every possible inch of this beautiful island! Today I want to share some of that fun with you!

All Oki Fun Days are different and they all turn out to be really entertaining, to say the least! Included in this giveaway are some of my favorite things of Okinawa, something that triggers a happy memory, or an Oki Fun Day staple. Good luck!!

Okinawan Pottery | Delicate Earrings |  Oriental Place Calligraphy Brush | Fabric | My favorite paint brushes | Postcards (something I get everywhere I go) | Washi Tape | Coffee (I don't drink coffee, but I love the smell & all the little cafes on island) | a coin purse for my Japanese currency | Hi-Chews
... and more!

Rules and Regulations:
  1. This giveaway is open to US and Japan residents only.
  2. You can tweet via Rafflecopter daily! 
  3. Rafflecopter will pick a winner at random.
  4. If the winner doesn't claim their prize within 48 hrs of being notified, a new one will be selected.

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