Onna Oki Fun Day

I am confident that when we leave Okinawa I will have no regrets about my time spent here. I've done the best that I can to explore every nook and cranny of this rock! I know that Mark hasn't had the same experience, he's always busy with work and saving the world (haha), but I think he's happy with his time spent, too!

Okinawa is a never ending whirlwind of cafes, small handmade craft shops, and beautiful island. On a day like our Onna Oki Fun day, I realize how much I haven't seen and really start to feel sad about our time winding down. I might not have any regrets, but I'll always have FOMO (fear of missing out).

New restaurants or "new-to-me" restaurants are always a great addition to my day! This time, we stopped at Shirokuma Thai so I could finally try this much talked about spot. Impression? I think a little overplayed, but still tasty. The portions are small yet filling and the mango ice cream... oh, the mango ice cream is a must!

One of my favorite stops was Nagahama Seika. It's a chinsuko (Okinawa shortbread cookie) factory where, if you call ahead, you can help make these oishii little treats. We did not help, but we were given the opportunity to eat them right from the oven. Amazing!!

Funny little guy I saw on our walk to the Manza.

You could see Ie Island! It was such a clear and beautiful day!

We got there just in time because right as we were leaving a huge tour bus pulled up. I wasn't lying about it being iconic!

It's a little crazy, but I went to Cape Manza for the very first time! In my opinion, it's one of the most iconic Okinawa sites. The only way that I can make sense of me just now making it there is that it was so accessible I put it on the back burner assuming I'd eventually make it there. I suppose I was right, but I don't recommend this approach!

Oki showed off this day: beautiful, crispy clear water, and sunny! Oh, this is the life...

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