10 Great Apps for Okinawa

During my time in Okinawa, I've relied on my iPhone to be my navigator, researcher, and travel companion. My husband holds all of those titles, too, so you can see that my apps are pretty important! Below you'll find a list of 10 apps that I think you'll need during your time in Okinawa.

Okinawa Clip

I've referenced this website a lot during our time here, especially when looking up Oki Fun Day activities! It hasn't been until recently that I realized how amazing the app really is. With a full functioning map with links to articles about each location, this app is an amazing resource while you're out and about. All you have to do is open the map within the app and find things to do in the area you're in!

Globe Convert

This conversion app played a major role in our day-to-day activity when we first moved to Oki, using it daily for currency conversion. Now, even 3 years later, I use it every time I go to the hardware store to convert lengths, weight, etc!

This app is also great when traveling to other countries while you're here. Currency conversions can be super tricky!


People have different opinions, but Skype has been great for me. On WiFi and 3G I've had great success calling family back home. It works just like a regular cell phone as long as you have a Skype subscription, which I highly recommend. Otherwise, if a Skype user is logged on you can video and/or voice chat.

Google Translate

Recently, Google Translate did an update allowing iPhone users to take a photo of what you're trying to translate or write it out and that's improved the app tremendously (Android users already had this capability). It's definitely not perfect, some call it "Samurai" Japanese because its language is a bit outdated, but I've used it successfully more times than I can count!


WayGo is not just another translating app. It's a good one! We've been through many trials and attempts to find an app that can help us read a menu at a restaurants that don't have English versions and we finally found one. Instead of pointing and hoping for the best, we now can tell what we're going to have for dinner!


Mark and I are both certified SCUBA divers. Mark definitely goes more than me, but regardless of who is diving we always reference this app for tide and wind information. We also use it when we want to take Maylee to her favorite beach that's best at low tide. It's a great app that successfully serves its purpose when needed!


Hipmunk is the Priceline of Southeast Asia, in my opinion. I've always found the cheapest airfares using their website and their app is just as handy. I definitely recommend having this on hand when you're gearing up to plan a trip!


With many people having different phone plans and providers Voxer is there to bridge the gap. Kacey and I definitely use (some would say overuse) this app. You can text or use their walkie talkie feature to talk to anyone with a username, stateside or locally!


This handy app is great for your mainland Japan trips. It completely navigates the train systems for you making your trip so easy. You can customize it to include or remove certain train systems, which is really helpful when you're looking to go the cheapest route or if you need the fastest route.

Apple Maps

I'm not going to lie, I definitely liked Google Maps better than Apple's own map. However, I'm a terrible navigator and I use this app all of the time. There's also the trick of entering the phone number of your destination into the search column to generate its location (i.e. 098-123-4567), which I find pretty amazing!

Other Apps I Love

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