Hanoi | Part 3

We started off our day by visiting Tron Quoc Pagoda. It was beautiful outside and the pagoda is very photogenic! We were so happy to have another nice morning, considering the forecast predicted rain for every day that we were there. Yay!

We walked through and I, like usual, kept close to an English-speaking guide that was telling the history behind the pagoda. Haha! Who needs a hired tour guide when you can eavesdrop.

After visiting the pagoda, we crossed the street to snap a photo of Truc Bach Lake. We were heading toward the HCM Mausoleum, but we were quickly stopped by a street vendor selling fruit. When we said we weren't interested, she hoisted the whole get-up onto my shoulder and said, "Photo!" How could I resist!? Especially since I had just told Mark that I wanted a photo like this... When in Rome!

We passed by the Presidential Palace on our way to the mausoleum and I took a photo through the gate before the guards blew their whistles at us.

When we finally made it to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum we decided not to go in, even though it was super tempting to check out his embalmed body. The line was just SO long! Like... miles long (or so it seemed)! So, we both agreed that it wasn't that important to us and took photos of the outside.

We headed for the B52 wreckage, but before we got there we stopped for some coffee and water... our typical break from the sun. We were also a little lost so it was nice to find a little cafe off the beaten path.

The cafe, DIYbox, isn't just there for the coffee! They have a small workshop where they make and sell different and beautiful leather goods! We bought a really nice notebook. It's so nice, in fact, that we are scared to write in it and mess it up. Haha!

We started back on our path to find the B52 wreckage and we got even more turned around than we were before. The "road" was no bigger than a sidewalk with houses on both sides. It was also really muddy so we weren't so sure it was a road at all! Luckily, a local man made a plane crashing sound and motion all while telling us to follow him. Seriously, I'm so grateful for him because I'm not so sure we would have ever found it without his help.

After the wreckage, I was really dying to find some banh xeo and had found a place via Instagram. When we got there, around 11:30, they said they would be open at noon. We decided to stop for a beer and wait it out.

At 12:15 they weren't even cooking yet and Mark was getting hangry. Needless to say, the search was going to have to continue because we didn't stick around to find out when they were going to open. We walked a little further down the road and eventually settled for another bun cha. It definitely wasn't the best... not even close... but it was food and we were hungry.

For dinner, we had bun rieu and it still stands as my favorite noodle dish that we had while we were there! Obviously, everything else only lost by fractions of a point but I'm tellin' ya, bun reiu is where it's at.

After dinner, we grabbed a smoothie and iced coffee while doing some people watching. Then, per the usual, we went to "beer corner" to hydrate and try more snacks. Unfortunately, our stay was short lived because it started pouring down rain, but overall it was a great day!

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