Hanoi | Part 4

Monday morning was business as usual: breakfast downstairs and off to explore! We walked up and down the Old Quarter to see the different streets: Tin Street, Bamboo Street, etc. It was really fun to see how drastically themed they all were!

It's said that the streets evolved into the "themes" because craftsmen migrated to the area together and because they originated from the same village their skills were similar. Then, in the 13th century, the streets were named after the trade conducted there. Pretty cool!

While out and about we found a silk shop and I "splurged" on a custom made silk dress! The cost was comparable to a dress that I would have bought in a Macy's or Nordstrom, but it was made especially for me. It was so amazing and only took 2 days, to include picking out the fabric and a fitting. I highly, highly recommend checking out a shop... or five... to get yourself something pretty!

Making Banh Xeo... YUM!

After my dress fitting, we had an afternoon of mishaps. Mark had made arrangements to golf for the afternoon and I was going to hang out by the pool. Unfortunately, he went to the wrong golf course and ended up missing his tee time.

Then, we tried to check out some museums, but quickly found out that Monday in Vietnam is like Sunday in the U.S. - everything was closed! I felt bad for Mark because he was really looking forward to golfing, but we redeemed ourselves when we asked the hotel staff if they knew of a place to get Banh Xeo.

I was dying to find this amazing little dish, that I had for the first time with my sister on our trip to HCMC, and the receptionist came through for us! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was! I nearly devoured it in two bites and fought the temptation to ruin our dinner and get a second plate.

After our delightful appetizer, we stopped into beer corner for our nightly hydration efforts. Then, we went to another restaurant recommended by the best hotel receptionist ever. We asked her if she had a favorite place to eat and she told us about this spot that was right down the street from our hotel - where she and her husband went on their first date.

Pho Tron

Mien Tron

She told us about the Pho Tron and the Mien Tron, two dishes that were very comparable with the only difference being the type of noodle. Pho Tron, as I'm sure you could have guessed, has pho noodles and Mien Tron has glass noodles.

Both dishes came with chicken, lemongrass, cilantro, mint, peanuts, and lots of flavor! The broth on the side could be enjoyed by dipping your noodles in it or pouring it over the noddles and eating it like a soup. We both thought that pouring it over the noodles was better and both agreed that the Mien Tron won the taste test, but both were pretty great.

We walked back to our hotel in a food coma and settled in for the night. I mean, how could we top that dinner?!

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