Goya Park, Yohena Hydrangea Gardens, & Anettaichaya Cafe

It's a fact that Okinawa is full of beautiful flowers, incredible views, and unique vegetable gardens. Somehow, Kacey and I filled our day with all three aspects making our Nago Oki Fun Day a great adventure!

We started at Goya Park, a failed (or so it seems) tourist attraction that looks like it was meant to be similar to Pineapple Park. Actually, the two parks are really close each other and Goya Park doesn't cost anything to tour. It's a fun little stop if you have the time!

They don't just have goya growing there. You can also check out the snake gourds (creepy!) and their interesting tomato plants. I'm not gonna lie, I'm completely fascinated by the way they were growing the tomatoes. It was a pretty big room and they looked like tomato trees! Super unique!

Next, we went to the Hydrangea Gardens. This stop was the inspiration for the whole trip and it lived up to my expectations! Mrs. Yohena, the owner who recently celebrated her 98th birthday, greeted us as we walked through her ajisai garden making the experience extra special. Beautiful flowers and beautiful people... Love it!

We couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it all was. It really reminded me of something out of the Wizard of Oz and, even at the end, I still hadn't got over just how majestic it seemed!


It was time for lunch and one of my "Oki Bucket List" restaurants was Pizza in the Sky. I had already tried to go there twice before and both times they were closed. Well, guess what happened this time? Yep, they were closed.

No worries! In fact, I am not evenly slightly upset about it because we discovered this beauty of a cafe! I've seriously delayed writing this post because I wasn't ready to share it with anyone! It's a little slice of heaven and I didn't want people to take it over.

Well, it's called Anettaichaya Hammock Garden and it's blissful! We stayed for nearly 2 hours and almost cancelled the rest of the plans for the day just so we could stay longer. (PS - you're welcome.)

To tie up the day in a pretty little bow we stopped at our favorite smoothie shop and checked out a new (to us) bakery. It was approaching 5 o'clock and all we wanted to do was lounge at the hammock garden! We did, eventually, give in and go home with lots of promises to come back before I leave the island.

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