Hanoi | Orchid Cooking Class

It was our last day in Hanoi and we scheduled a cooking class through the reception desk at our hotel. Mark wasn't that excited about the idea, but I hoped that once we got started his mind would change. Spoiler alert: my hopes came true and we had a great time with Orchid!

The chef picked us up from our hotel and we headed to the Orchid where we were served a fresh watermelon smoothie and given bamboo hats. Then, we hoped on rickshaws and headed for a nearby whole sale market. The market was beautiful and a great experience! It didn't take long for Mark to see the value in the class.

While walking through the market, we were given the opportunity to try a lot of different foods! We tried Cha lua (Vietnamese pork roll & their most common type of sausage), mangosteen, lychees, sua ngo (delicious corn milk that I highly recommend trying), coconut jelly, and......

Mark tried a fertilized duck egg. Gross!! He said it tasted like a hard boiled egg that was boiled in chicken broth. I nearly threw up all while trying to be respectful to those that prepared the dish. Lets just say, it was a little comical looking back on the whole situation.

During our cooking class we made spring rolls, Bun Cha, chicken with lemongrass and chilis, and sticky rice. Yes, all of that just for the two of us! It was a ton of food, but we had a really good time cooking and it all turned out delicious!

We stuffed our faces with as much of the food as we could before we had to go back to the hotel to check out. The timing worked out great - we were back to the hotel with just enough time to shower and get the last of our things gathered up. Luckily, we didn't have much time to think about the fact that we were leaving Vietnam or I would have been super bummed!

We did manage to squeeze in one last massage before our cab arrived to take us to the airport. Mark wanted a light, relaxing massage. Guess what? He got the crap beat out of him, again, and it was hilarious! I decided to go with a hot stone 1 hour leg and food massage... heavenly! As if we hadn't pushed the time to the limit, we sat outside of security to finish off our last lychees that the chef from Orchid had given us! 

Oh my goodness, I love so much about this trip. For those of you that enjoyed reading about all of the food that we tried, I'm going to make a little "menu guide" that will be printable and it will be up soon!

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