Bestie Photos!

I'm not sure how it all happened, but one day Kacey and I decided that we were going to take "best friend photos." With all of our time spent together exploring Oki, we thought it would be hilarious to take cheesy friend photos to represent some of the things that we've done. Thanks to Laura we were able to make it happen!

Trying to survive crossing over to "suicide bento," where it's nearly impossible to navigate through when traffic is heavy.

Enjoying our favorite snacks from Family Mart! (me: egg salad sandwich, kacey: fried rice and scrambled egg onigiri)

 I've got my eye on you.... (but, seriously, can we talk about how gorgeous Kacey is?!?!)

Orion (or Wine): For Your Happy Time!

We had a lot of fun being light-hearted and silly about these pictures, but I love them and plan to get a few printed for our next home! Hooray!!

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