Blueberry Pickin' in South Carolina

Mark, Maylee, and I made it back to the states safe and sound! All of our family members asked us what we wanted to do when we got back and something at the top of my list was to pick fresh fruit. Any kind! It didn't matter. Luckily for me, it was blueberry season and Mark's parents have a patch right down the street from their house in South Carolina!

On the 4th of July, we all decided to head down to pick some berries! It was a beautiful morning and, although the patch was small, there were lots of blueberries to be picked. We each had our own bucket and were free to pick as many as we wanted. Mark's mom gave us string so we could tie the bucket around our waist to make sure both hands were free to pick. This, clearly, wasn't her first time.

All together, the family ended up with about 4 buckets full of fresh blueberries (not to mention the ones that we ate along the way). For only $9, Mark and I brought a ton back to Indiana where my mom made a fresh blueberry and peach cobbler. Yum!

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