Oh the Places We Will Go... Camino de Santiago

As I've mentioned before, Hannah, the voice of Fun Flying Four, is an adventurous mother of 2 who takes gorgeous travel and lifestyle photos! I enjoy reading about the trips she takes, her perspective on raising kids, and I can't get over her youngest daughter's individuality and style.

Today, Hannah is sharing a trip that she hopes to take in the future! After reading all about it, I might add it to my list, too!  

It has taken me a while to come up with something to write for the theme ‘Oh the Places you'll go” simply because I am the definition of wanderlust; I am constantly thinking of where to explore next, my house contains multiple maps, virtually all the books in my bookcase are travel related, I even have a travel magazine subscription!

In my case, a more appropriate theme would be ‘oh the places you WOULDN’T go” but even that would make for a rather dull blog post because really there isn’t anywhere I don’t want to go.  Don’t get me wrong there are a few countries I don’t want to go to right now, but one day for sure!

I thought about talking about our upcoming trip to Vietnam & Cambodia or even a destination off my ‘places to travel to while in Okinawa’ Bucket list but then it hit, why not talk about a place on my “life Bucket List’.

I should mention that I love lists and have a list for everything, including a “life bucket list’ which currently only has 2 items on it; the first being run a marathon (not going to happen anytime soon!) the second a much recent addition; the Camino de Santiago (doesn’t it just sound so romantic!)

Up until a few months ago I hadn’t even heard of the Camino de Santiago! It all started when I was nearing the end of a 5 week adventure tripping around the Midwest visiting all my in-laws; it was Mother's Day, my back was out after weeks of carrying luggage and a clingy 2 year old and I was missing my husband (who was unable to join us on the trip).

I decided to spend the morning chilling out and as I browsed Amazon Prime for something to watch I remembered about a movie my husband mentioned a few weeks earlier that he insisted I needed to watch, “The Way.”

I adored everything about this movie which is basically about a guy who walks the Camino de Santiago (or the Way of St. James) a pilgrimage starting in France and ending in Santiago, Spain! There are 12 different route options ranging in length from under 100 km’s up to 1,000 km’s! I have my heart set on the ‘Camino Francis’ just a measly 790 km’s!

The walk, apparently isn’t all that difficult walking through many small villages, over the Pyrenees as well as through some countryside, other than the fact you will be required to walk up to 20km’s some days for 30+ days!

The route is marked by shells and along the way you stay in ‘albergue’s’ (similar to youth hostels) where you get your Credencial (or pilgrim passport) stamped and once you have completed the Way you are presented with a Compostela (a certificate of accomplishment).  

My oldest is about to start kindergarten in the fall and I am having major ‘empty nest syndrome’ anxiety! I feel like the past 5 years have gone by in a blink and I fear the next 13 are going to go by even quicker.  My husband & I both agreed this walk is something we would love to do as a family, before our girls do leave the nest.  So while we have no immediate plans for this hike because the thought of doing it with a 2 and 5 year just sounds miserable!  We would love to do it sometime in the next 13 years; preferably when not only they no longer need to be carried but also when they can carry their own backpacks!

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