The Cheese Guy

During one of my favorite events on the island, The Okinawa Food Flea, I found The Cheese Guy. I love cheese so you can imagine my excitement! Little did I know, Kacey had a great conversation with the owner, where she found out that we could take a tour of the factory and farm! So, that's exactly what we did.

Kacey planned an Oki Fun Day for us completely around visiting The Cheese Guy. We met John, the bubbly and passionate guy behind the cheese, in Naha and started our tour. Before going to the dairy farm, he took us to a local market and made a quick pit stop to pet some adorable puppy friends of his. Puppies and cheese... This is what heaven looks like, isn't it?!

Once we made it to the farm, John took us into the small cheese shop. The production area is a small room with space for only the essentials of making cheese. It was pretty great to see that you don't need a big, industrial building to make super tasty products!

Then, the fun really began! Actually, Kacey was in her element and it was really fun for Laura and I to see her asking questions and genuinely enthusiastic about the process of making cheese. Laura and I, on the other hand, got more excited the closer it came to start the taste testing! ... And boy was it a tasting!

John pulled all types of cheeses from the cooler: cheddar, ozata white, cheese with herbs, cheese with sun dried tomatoes... so much cheese!!! By the time we were finishing up, the three of us were cheese wasted and so happy. We even skipped lunch!

Clearly, I'm super happy.

After all of that cheese, we decided to see where it all begins! We walked through the dairy stalls to check out the ladies behind the cheese. We even were lucky enough to see a brand new baby, who was still wobbling around like Bambi!

It was a fun trip that the three of us ended with a trip to the local bakery, which has started to become a little trend. Regardless of your plans for your Naha adventure, I recommend reaching out to The Cheese Guy if you are looking for a unique tour in Okinawa and, well, you love cheese.

By Appointment Only, Groups of 5 or less only
Inamine 1264 Ozato, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa, Japan

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