3 Years & 300 Posts

On Wednesday, I hit the 300 post milestone! When I realized that, I looked back to see when it all began and realized that next week Mr. & Mrs. O will be 3 years old. How amazing have these last three years been?! I know it's cliche, but I never really imagined where we'd be three years after our marriage (and life in Okinawa) began. What I can say is that it's been a wonderful journey and I love looking back at all of our memories!

Here are 3 great memories to celebrate 3 years and 300 posts!

Back in November of 2012, I jumped into the van with a bunch of total strangers to go zip lining in Okinawa. Three years later, I call of those strangers I met that day great friends! I'm so grateful that I put myself in a not-so-comfortable situation because I definitely came out on top.

Since we're on the topic of making new friends, lets talk about the first time I met Kacey! In May of 2013, we set out to bike Ie Island and check out the island's annual lily festival. Unfortunately (or not so much), we missed the ferry and ended up at Kouri Island! We had lots of fun biking around the island and later, a month or so before I left the island, we revisited Kouri and had some great shrimp from the Shrimp Wagon!

One of my favorite trips was our anniversary trip to New Zealand in 2014. On that trip, we went to Waiheke Island and it was incredible. The small island is just a short ferry ride away from Auckland and is full of beautiful vineyards! We still talk about this trip and how much we loved it.

It's been an adventurous three years and I appreciate every reader that's been here throughout it all!

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