Eastern America Tour

Mark and I are nearly finished with you tour around America! We have settled at his parents house, in South Carolina, after a 30-day trip around the eastern part of the country. Sounds crazy, right?! Or maybe it sounds, "just like something we would do."

Before I get into all the great food, entertaining sites, and live music (Taylor Swift, anyone!?) I wanted to give you a quick preview of each state that we visited! I hope this gets you all kinds of excited because I'm back in America and I've got a lot to catch up on. Enjoy!

Blueberry Picking in South Carolina 

A Clydesdale in Indiana

Chicago Skyline in Illinois

Sackets Harbor in New York

Wild Wolf Brewery Company in Virginia

Chillin' in North Carolina

We miss our Oki life, but we are both really happy to be back in the states. The two of us are excited to get back into the American swing of things... minus the portions of food! We hope to see parts of the country that we've been neglecting - Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, etc - and I can't wait to start exploring our new city in Georgia!

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