Last Week in Photos

Last week, we moved into our new apartment! My mom came down to help us unpack and, after she used her super hero powers to get the job done in one day, we spent the rest of our time exploring our new city.

Under a 5 minute walk from our house we have a good Vietnamese restaurant and, just across the street, a delicious barbeque spot!

Then, about 3 blocks from our apartment, we're in the middle of "Uptown Columbus." There are a ton of bars, restaurants, and fun little spots. We've only had time to check out a few, but we loved all of them so far!

Since we are only an hour and a half from Atlanta, the airport is super accessible. When I dropped my mom off on Sunday, I went into the city to meet some friends from college. I hadn't seen them in years and it was great to catch up... not to mention the fantastic food from The Flying Biscuit Cafe!

Overall, it was a great week of exploring and I'm even more excited to get to know Columbus! I promise that I'm gearing up for the "Where in America are Mark and Kassie" posts, too. Who knew moving from overseas could keep you so busy... ha!

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